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Departs 7am
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Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

Whatever you’ve got on is fine but with fish scales flying about maybe don’t wear your Sunday Best. Long sleeves and long pants will help prevent sunburn. Bring a hat, Sun Glasses, warm jacket, and a wind / rainproof jacket. Standard street shoes or sneakers are fine.

How many people do you take?

We do small-personalized groups of 12 – 18 anglers comfortably. If you charter the boat, we can cater for up to 22 people.

How Many fish will I catch?

We generally have good success. Some trips will always be more successful than others. Shorter fishing trips give you less time fishing and results can be more variable. Longer full day trips get us to more remote waters with a greater variety of fish species.

How do I pay?

You can pre-pay by internet banking or pay cash on the day.

Do I need previous fishing experience?

In all our years we’ve guided everyone from famous anglers and movie stars through to absolute beginners. Whatever your experience level we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. We will help you! We’re happy to rig your lines, bait your hooks, take fish off your line, and clean your catch.

What fish species are available?

Catch is dependent on conditions, but here are a few of them: Snapper, Gurnard, Kahawai, Trevally, Tarakihi, Kingfish.

What happens if the sea conditions are too rough? Cancellation Policy?

By mutual agreement we can postpone or cancel a fishing trip because of rough weather.

Will I get Wet?

There might be a bit of salt spray if the sea comes up rough. However we don’t generally fish in rough weather.

Have more questions?

Reach us at RaglanFishingCharters@yahoo.com

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